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hey hi :) I'm an Incubus fan for 8 years. So its about half of my life and I'm always proud to say that I'm Incubus fan.
I just wanted to say that this band is amazing, they all have talents bigger than we can all imagine :D. I love Brandon's his lyrics, voice, art and the way he thinks about world and life. Mike is a mad scientist :D Kilmore can make some awesome sounds like from space Ben is amazingly good at bass and Jose just rockin out!
Incubus gave me so much. I learned more about art, I found great new authors and I even started to write my own little stories and lyrics. Now I have stronger personality and I can express myself better through art.
So they are  my idols since childhood and I'm very happy :)

love,art,peace, incubus


if someone want to talk about incubus, music, art or whatever just add me :)

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