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From Incubus' MySpace Bulliten

sorry boys and girls...

I tried my hardest, but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sucks ass...I played as long and as hard as i could, I tried stretching, Anti-inflammatories, Ice, Injections, Rest...everything i could, but to no avail. and now surgery is my final option. But, the good news is that the surgery has proven to be VERY effective in getting rid of my particular ailment, so all i need to do is not play guitar for a couple months and heal. In munich the other night, i smashed my guitar on the stage right before i walked off, for those of you who didn't see it, because i was frustrated. My hand completely stopped working. I came out and played one more song in excruciating pain and needed to go home and see my doctors immediately. Then as soon as i knew i needed surgery, all i could think of was how dissappointed all of our fans out there were going to be...especially our south american friends who must think we hate them by now! MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES to everyone who was inconvenienced...but i promise i will make it up to every single one of you by giving you a sensual full-body massage, a fur coat, and a bentley. It's the least i can do. But seriously, sorry boys and girls, i'll see u all very soon. -mike

I feel so bad for Mikey and I hope he gets better soon!
I also feel bad for everyone who hasn't seen them yet :(

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